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Want To Earn Top $$$'s Promoting Debt Settlement Nationwide?
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Affiliate Signup

Earn From Referring Businesses Who Need Debt Help:
Every time a small business with a minimum of $25,000 in debt you refer to the website gets a free evaluation and signs up for the program, you earn a commission.
Number Of New Clients You Refer Per Month You Earn Per Signup Total You Earn Per Month (Assuming Max)
0 to 5 $350 $2,000
6 to 10 $400 $4,000
11 to 30 $450 $13,500
31 to 50 $500 $25,000
51 to 100 $550 $55,000

Earn From Referring Other Affiliates:
Are you active in affiliate forums? Do you know other webmasters who have a financial related website that attracts visitors who may be in need of debt relief? Are you in contact with CPAs who know of businesses in debt? Do you have an organization of people looking to supplement their income as CuraDebt affiliates?
If so, then refer them and earn!

Let's assume you have referred 10 affiliates. You earn 10% of what they make, every month, regardless if you refer more affiliates, ever!

Amount of business your referrals do (yearly) How much you earn per year (your 10% commission)
$10,000 $1,000
$100,000 $10,000
$250,000 $25,000
$500,000 $50,000
$1,500,000 $150,000

What this means for you is that you are partnering with a blue ribbon company who will treat your referrals great, and you earn money helping others out of debt.

The ideal partnership is where you send 10 leads and 1 to 2 sign up. Instead of earning $15 per lead as some programs pay, you would make $250 to $500. As you send more visitors, you make more money. When you send other affiliates, you earn an ongoing income for as long as they send visitors.

If you know of a more fair and generous affiliate program, let us know. We are always looking to improve!

Massive Need For Our Services.

Individual Americans and Companies nationwide are drowning in debt like never before in our nation's history. Now is the time for you to profit from the nation's financial woes.

This targeted website converts the business owners looking for debt help who are probably already on your website. With business bankruptcies on the rise, there are more businesses than ever before looking for help to reduce their debts and avoid a chapter 11 business bankruptcy. Sign up as a CuraDebt affiliate (below) and receive custom text that converts company decision makers looking for business debt help into large commissions for you.

debt settlement debt consolidation CuraDebt
With over 60 million consumers running a large balance on their cards, new bankruptcy reform making it harder to file, and many credit card companies (Bank of America, Citibank, etc.) set to raise their minimum payment requirements from 2 to 4%, you stand to make a lot of money. You get paid per signup from your leads.

Simply put, a record number of Americans and Companies are looking for a way out of debt without filing bankruptcy. For many of these people and business owners, our debt settlement or commercial debt counseling program is exactly what the doctor ordered.

How Can An Associate Track His/Her Referral?
You get 24/7 access to banners, impressions, click throughs and signups.

Please note that because of the way debt settlement works, most clients take from 3 days to 4 weeks to sign up. The most profitable affiliates today took from 30 to 60 days to fill the "pipeline" with pending signups.

Our counselors update your affiliate account as soon as the leads you have sent send in their payment information to schedule a signup on the program.

How Can An Associate Make Sure That Curadebt Will Pay Him/Her?
Curadebt, has been in the debt settlement and, debt restructuring business for years. We are one of the leading debt settlement companies in the United States. We have been able to achieve an excellent level of customer satisfaction in the 9 years that we have been serving clients nationwide. We are proud members of the San Diego BBB.

We are also affiliates, continually marketing other programs in order to be able to give you the best affiliate program out there. We like to be paid and believe in treating you exactly the same way.

Make Money From Any Kind Of Website Or Even If You Do Not Have A Website
No matter what the demographics of your site, our service will appeal to a large percentage of your visitors.
If you are a current client or just want to refer friends and family, sign up and we will show you how to do that too.

How Do I Sign Up?
1) Click the link below to fill out our application. It's quick and easy!
2) You will receive instant acceptance and instructions to start earning commissions.
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Dear Friend,

Congratulations on taking an EXCELLENT first step to increasing your income and becoming DEBT FREE.

While CuraDebt can help SAVE YOU MONEY with debt settlement, we have numerous people who just need to make an additional hundred to thousand dollars a month to enable them to become debt free.

We have a process that we have been using successfully for YEARS that works VERY well to get qualified traffic that in many cases, turns in to sales.

And, now I will share with you how YOU can use this SAME method to send leads to our website and when these people sign up (either businesses or consumers), we pay you per signup.

If only 4 consumers sign up in a month, you would earn $1,000 a month. If 4 businesses sign up in a month, you earn $1,600 a month.

The great thing about article marketing is that once you do it, you could potentially get commissions for years. And It costs you NOTHING to write and submit an article. And, to write a 300 to 500 word article can take VERY LITTLE time.

I am giving you the same tools that we have used to market online that I know works.

If you follow the steps and write the articles as I teach you, it is VERY likely that YOUR ARTICLES will rank highly very quickly. High ranked articles for terms like "business debt relief" attract qualified visitors and when qualified visitors come to our website, they have a good chance of signing up. When they sign up, you make a commission for having sent the client.

Follow the 6 steps below to get started MAKING MONEY:
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